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LETTER: ...there is plenty of ore for more than 20 years

Dear Editor:

Ely Echo Editorial: Anti-mining study’s sky is falling conclusions cater to fear, speculation

A study championed by copper-nickel mining opponents and detailed a couple of weeks ago before Ely’s Tuesday Group ma

LETTER: ...find it hard to believe they can’t find a lousy 150 square feet in the park

Dear Editor,

The sad state of ethnic diversity - Where have you gone St. Urho?

No one growing up in the last generation in Ely would have ever dreamed it could happen. The vanishing of St.

LETTER:...You paddle your canoes on the surface of the border lakes, but have no idea how deep the water is and what five generations of families have done to keep it clean.

Dear Editor:
An Indian Story:
The words that are used to cause maximum impact are many.

Let’s not use the R word

Several people spoke at the end of the Ely city council meeting Tuesday night.

LETTER: ...we were just as determined to come together as a community

Letter to the Editor:

Letter: ...advocating for…regulatory review

Dear Editor,
This has got to stop.

Letter: Reminded how special a place Ely is

Dear Editor,

No reason for winter boredom in Ely

The flu bug is going around and the ever-present snow removal trucks around town reaffirm that Mother Nature has pack

LET: ...own the building…built in the 1930s

To the Editor,

Letter: establishing a program allowing motorized boat permits for disabled veterans

Dear United States Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen:

Letter: Motorized boat permits for disabled veteran

Letter to Editor:

High hopes for Ely in 2020

Looking back on 2019 we realized there was some news we’d rather forget.

Letter: ...Not every citizen owns a 4x4 or snowmobile

Dear Editor,

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