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Hook and Bullet Club

Ely Echo Staff Photo

by Nick Wognum

Our first big snowmobile ride of the year was one we haven’t done in many years: the Trestle Inn near the North Shore.

With a good trail report and a nice day on tap, five of us gathered at Evan’s garage Saturday morning. On the ride would be Evan and Nella, Megan and Ben plus me. Mary decided 150 miles for the first ride would be too much. Turns out she was probably right.

We took off across Highway 1 and hopped onto the Tomahawk Trail behind the softball fields. This section of the trail was in pretty good shape and we made our way to Silver Rapids and across the bridge.

It was a gloomy, flat day and I was in the lead. Leaving the Farm Lake public access, we met three sleds coming at us. As in right at us. Being in the lead I held up four fingers to let them know there were four sleds behind me.

Apparently these three didn’t understand this is a two-way trail. They got past Ben and Megan but nearly took out Nella. Such is the hazard of riding on a Saturday.

Crossing the isthmus at South Farm we had 2.5 miles of plowed road to maneuver through with a logging operation going on. No overheating problems luckily and we stopped at the steel bridge over the Kawishiwi River.

Our next stop was Mattila Shelter for a quick bathroom break and then on to the Trestle Inn. One big difference there: way more snow. Like by the foot more. The parking lot was smaller due to the high banks and it was packed.

We were able to get a table and enjoy a very good meal in one of the most interesting places you can visit. Afterward we gassed up next door at Crooked Lake Resort before heading north again.

The trail was a bit softer now, likely due to the traffic on it plus warmer temps. Still, all the way back to Silver Rapids the riding was very good.

We pulled into Silver Rapids Lodge for a bite and a beverage before heading for home. By the time we got back on the trail, the conditions had changed.

What was a smooth ride that morning was a bit bumpier heading home. We just took our time and made it back safe and sound.

Now I know I was the oldest one so I asked the others the next day or so if they felt the 150 miles. Sore shoulders and hands were somewhat common.

For a first ride, that was to be expected. Now we’re ready to go again!

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