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Carl F. Stone

Carl F. Stone

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana 1935. He was a true child of the depression worked at 11 selling newspapers as his Dad lost his business and had to shovel coal as boilermaker. Carl was a full blooded Italian living in an Irish neighborhood. He attended St. Phillips Neri for eight years and graduated Cathedral HS in 1952.

Carl also then worked in  grocery stores at 14 until he graduated Cathedral. Joined the US Navy from 1952-Dec. 1955 where he was an Airedale electronics technician. He married Juanita  Rinehart in Memphis, Tn in Oct 1954. He went to Purdue University on the GI Bill and graduated EE Engineering in December 1960.

He spent his career working with the military. Boeing in Seattle worked on Minuteman II missiles with the Air Force. Carl loved to fish so Seattle was good for him but electronics had been mostly farmed out so left in 1962 for Hughes Electronics as a field Engineer for radars. He worked on ships  on the 6th fleet  in the Med and Africa. Carl lived in 14 states and traveled extensively for his work. He has two daughters Maria and Carla Cotsis in California.

In 1970 Captain  Wayne E. Meyer later Admiral asked Carl to join Civil Service and head up a team of 10 engineers to help with the development and design of the Aegis Weapons System at prime contractor RCA, Morristown, NJ. He was in charge of the radar for DOD. He worked 27 years on Aegis and took first six ships through missile firings through sea trials for Aegis Weapons system. Working 60-80 hours per week and 50% travel. The USS Ticonderoga was the first ship and USS Princeton the last ship he worked on. Carl won many awards including Adm Eli T Reich award at NWSES and accolades for his work. Married Karen Link in Mississippi in Pascagoula, MS in 1982, has two stepsons Greg and Brian Link.

Retired in 1990 and did a special DOD project in Washington, DC for a year.

Moved to Montana from California and then in 2006 moved to Babbitt, MN. Wanted to return to Midwestern roots but with lots of lakes and trees for fishing.

Carl was a friendly man with a big heart. Leaving behind many friends; four children, 10 grandchildren  Sophia, Carmen, Georgia, Brittany, Danny, Junior, Ciara, Zoe, Bella and Emily and goddaughter Erica and granddaughter of the Heart Miss Molly; three great-grandsons Braylon, Bryson and Max.  Two son-in-laws Glenn and Sophocles and daughter-in-law Crystal Link; his ex-wife Juanita and his wife of 40 years, Karen.

Carl had a hearty handshake, Italian hugs, big smile and a beautiful soul he shared with others.

Many thanks and appreciation for Carl’s medical teams,  VA, PCAs and many friends’ prayers over the years.

Carl’s funeral will be at 11 p.m. on January 21, 2023 at St. Pius Catholic Church in Babbitt, MN. Honor Guard in Babbitt also.

Burial will be in Spring at Clear Creek Cemetery in Bloomington, IN with a graveside service and Honor Guard.

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